For a second time in recent months, we have bobbins news to share.

As many of you will have heard, local super-fast pinner, Callum Russell, suffered a big off in practice for last weekend's PMBA Enduro at Gisburn Forest. Things went awry on the Hope Line's whopping jumps and Cal hit the deck hard, resulting in severe back injuries and an air lift to hospital.

Thankfully, it sounds like Sunday's surgery has gone well.

Please read the full details on Cal's sponsors webpage here…/v…/callum_russell_rider_down.

Saturday 10th of March.

Sorry folks, we're open open until 1.30 today but we'll be back open again as usual at 9 on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend's biking.

Your bike wants to be better than you're letting it be.

Remember when your bike was new? Remember how well it worked and how it neither slowed you down or let you down? Your bike wants to be that good again. It wants to bring you home with a smile on your face and a desire to drink tea while you clean it. Your bike needs to feel like it makes you want to go out instead of feeling like it's letting you down when you drag it out.

Don't let your bike down, bring it to us for a service, maybe even some new tyres, brake pads, cables and a chain. Buy some new cleaning products and chain lube, use them and feel good.

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