Snow has arrived!

Winter is finally doing it's cold white thing and we can help you enjoy your weekend.

Don't be the parent who's children are sliding around on a bin liner, call in for a sledge now.

If you don't have wee ones to consider and want to get out pedalling, we've got spiked tyres in various sizes for you to head out and (possibly) stay upright.

Have fun out there folks.

2016, the year (of) going fast?

February is almost half way gone and it seems like lots of bikes and riders are still in hibernation or are only just getting going.

Your new years resolution to pedal more could be suffering if you haven't really got around to it yet. If a broken bike is holding you back, let us help you get it sorted before it gets too late and the excuse pile topples over, trapping you on the sofa for the rest of the year until the thump of the Christmas Radio Times hitting the doorstep wakes you up.

Boxing Day part 2.

Yes, it's officially a bank holiday today but we're open and ready to get you out on your bike.

The breeze is light, the temperature is great for the time of year and, shhhh, don't say it too loud, it isn't raining.

Get dressed and get pedalling.

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